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WV Senator Joe Manchin Wants A New War On Drugs

As his home state suffers from the opioid and heroin epidemic, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin is calling for a new war on drugs.  This statement reflects the desperation parts of the country feel right now, but also evokes memories… Continue Reading →

Does FBI Director Jim Comey Need To Explain His October Letter?

The FBI played an unusually large role in the 2016 Presidential election.  The current director of the FBI, Jim Comey, involved himself publicly in the investigation into Sec. Hillary Clinton’s private email server.   This involvement was made on the… Continue Reading →

Tiller Daily Dog!

Electors Certify Donald Trump As Winner Of The Electoral College

Donald Trump’s victory in the electoral college was certified today.  Despite efforts by various politicians and organizations, Trump received the necessary votes.  One Texas elector refused to cast his vote as the voters chose, but it was not enough to… Continue Reading →

12 Dead, 50 Injured After Truck Crashes Into Crowd In Berlin

“A tractor trailer barreled into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin on Monday night, killing 12 and injuring at least 50. Witnesses said shoppers dropped their glasses of mulled wine, scattered packages and screamed as the truck plowed into the… Continue Reading →

For Now, The Markets Like Trump

Russian Ambassador To Turkey Assassinated

At a Turkish art gallery hours ago, the Russian Ambassador to Turkey was shot and killed.  Andrey Karlov was speaking to a crowd when a gunman, an off-duty policeman, pulled a pistol and shot Karlov.  The gunman was then killed,… Continue Reading →

Deaths From Heroin and Legal Opiates Become One Of The Nation’s Biggest Dangers

Since the United States entered Afghanistan, opiates and heroin have been more commonly available.  This has led to a national epidemic of addiction and death.  Increasingly, prescription pain killers have become more accessible to the population, and this has caused… Continue Reading →

Trump Shrugs Off Climate Change

President-elect Trump has never been on the side of Climate Change or its threat to the world.  That has not changed since he was elected.  A cabinet of oil-sympathetic appointees has matched with Donald Trump’s own words on the matter…. Continue Reading →

Thank You, Craig Sager

Longest-serving Female Lawmaker Set To Retire

The Senator from Maryland, Barbara Mikulski, is set to retire at the end of the current Senate Term.  A champion for women in politics, Mikulski served the State of Maryland in the United States Senate with distinction and passion.  You can… Continue Reading →

Is Choosing Our Own News Ruining Democracy?

In the age of almost endless media options, voters can now not only choose the news they want to hear, but they can ignore the news they don’t.  Beyond that, fake news had entered into American life in a new… Continue Reading →

In Politics, You Can’t Win If You Don’t Listen

California Vs. Washington D.C.

The cultural and political divide between the state of California and the nation’s capitol has never been more pronounced.  As the west coast embraces liberal policies on the environment and social issues, Washington now has instructions to do the opposite…. Continue Reading →

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Apologizes

Sen. Warren recently apologized for taking a political argument too far.  After condemning a banker online, the Senator realized that she had some information that was incorrect.  She then took steps to privately and publicly apologize.  “There are many things… Continue Reading →

Double Edged Sword

We Have A New National Bird

Trump Meets With The Editor Of Vogue Magazine, Anna Wintour

In a series of seemingly never-ending meetings, Donald Trump has been entertaining, negotiating, hiring, and generally chatting with power players from all parts of American life.  Recently, fashion queen, Anna Wintour, was spotting meeting with the President-elect.  Meryl Streep’s character… Continue Reading →

Gorbachev Explains Mistakes He Thinks The U.S. Made With Soviets

The former leader and last leader of the former Soviet Union spoke with reporters recently on what he believes are short-sighted mistakes the United States made when dealing with the USSR.  Respected as an informed and measured voice in his… Continue Reading →

Donald Trump To Michelle Obama: “We Have Tremendous Hope”

The first lady recently made remarks about the loss of hope with the incoming Trump administration.  As she was interviewed by Oprah, Michelle Obama was alluding to her husband’s campaign of Hope and drawing a contrast to the new President-elect’s… Continue Reading →

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